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If you require ambulance transport or just a routine visit to any Vet or if you are moving yards we can provide this service.  Our Horsebox is always clean and santised after each rental for the safety of your horse from transmitted illness.


We are happy to transport all types of horses including stallions. Horses must be loaded & unloaded at each pick up or drop off point. We may be able to help load if necessary but we must have details about the horse for health and safety reasons. In the event that the horse is a bad loader and it takes a length of time to load the horse you will be charged extra for this.

We hold a Type 1 Animal Transporter Authorisation as issued by the AHVLA (Welfare in Animal Transport) and have a qualified HGV driver. You must be able to load the horse.  

Give us a call on 07918 733822 for a quotation.

Transportation Enquiry

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