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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. This is a legally binding contract which you will need to sign to be able to hire the horse box from Ark Horse Box Hire. 



Ark Horsebox Hire is the owner of the vehicle specified “Horsebox Details”  Section 1 of this Agreement.  

“The Hirer” is the person whose details are shown in the “Hirer Details” Section 2 of this Agreement.  


2.      GENERAL

“The Hirer” acknowledges that the Horsebox has been received as described in the Agreement Details Section of this Agreement and that any damage has been recorded before the vehicle is removed from the Rental Premises. 

“The Hirer” agrees specifically to adhere to the Highway Code and to the DEFRA Transportation of Horses Code as well as those clauses in this Agreement. 

“The Hirer” shall not allow misuse of the Horsebox by anyone travelling in the Horsebox

“The Hirer” shall not allow more than three people to travel in the Horsebox and no person to travel in the Horse area.

“The Hirer” shall be responsible for any fines incurred during the Rental Period

“The Owner” shall provide instructions for the operation of the Horsebox verbally and the Vauxhall User Manual will be in the vehicle.

“The Owner” shall ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and has been maintained in accordance with the Manufacturer Service recommendations.

“Should the vehicle become not roadworthy during the period of rental then “The Owner will refund the number of days rental for which the vehicle cannot be used by “The Hirer” but there will be no replacement Horsebox available or recompense.

It is the responsibility of “The Hirer” not to carry more than two horses of a maximum size of 16.2 HH if larger horses are carried the vehicle will be overweight and will be subject to a fine if stopped by VOSA such fine will be the responsibility of “The Hirer” 



The Rental Period is shown in the Agreement Details Section of this Agreement and specifies the date and time of collection as well as return of the vehicle.

Should the Horsebox is returned early by the Hirer there is no entitlement to a refund for the days not used.   The number of miles included in the rental are 300 per day excess mileage is charged at £0.35p per mile.

Should “The Hirer” need to extend the Rental Period the Hirer must contact Ark Horsebox Hire on telephone Number 07918 733822, if a request to extend the Rental Period cannot be granted then the Horsebox must be returned on the date and time shown in the Agreement Details Section.

If a contract extension can be granted then this contract will be automatically extended to the new Rental Return Date and Time. 

If the Horsebox is not returned at the time shown in the Agreement Details Section and no contact has been made by “The Hirer” then after 4 Hours the vehicle will be considered as stolen and reported to the Police as such.



Only “The Hirer” is insured to drive the Horsebox additional drivers may be allowed subject to an additional charge of £15.00 per day, licence, address verification and where necessary acceptance by the Insurance Company

A copy of the Horsebox Insurance Certificate and MOT is in the vehicle

The Horses and Personal Property carried in the Horsebox are not insured and should be insured by the owners of such.

“The Hirer” must report any accidents to Ark Horsebox Hire on return of the Horsebox; failure to do so will make “The Hirer” liable for all the damage to any Third Party.

“The Hirer” may not use the Horsebox outside England, Scotland or Wales.

In the event of an accident “The Hirer” will take details of the incident and record it on the Accident Report Form, which will be given to the “The Owner” at the end of the Rental.  “The Hirer” shall not make any admission of liability for the accident. “The Hirer” agrees to co-operate fully until any Insurance Claim is settled and will indemnify “the Owner” in full for any costs incurred until the Insurance Claim is settled.

If the Horsebox is stolen during the Rental Period “The Hirer” must report the incident to the local Police and obtain a reference number which must be given to the owner at the end of the Rental Period.  Failure to do so will make “The Hirer” liable for the full value of the Horsebox if it is not found.



The Horsebox is hired solely for the purpose of transporting no more than two horses.  It may not be used for transporting goods of any other kind.



           The Date of Return of the Horsebox is shown in “Hire Period” Section 3 of this Agreement

Should “The Hirer” return the Horsebox later than the Agreement end Time then there will be an additional charge of £50.00 per hour. This Charge will commence at the start of the hour The Horsebox should have been returned.  The Horsebox must be returned fully cleaned in the Horse Area should this not be clean upon return there will be an additional cleaning charge of £50.00. 

At the end of the Rental Period “The Hirer” agreed to complete a Vehicle Defects Form if any are found during the Hire Period. 


Should “The Hirer” lose the Horsebox Keys then there will be a charge of £300 for replacement keys at the end of the rental.  Should “The Owner” have to come out to the Horsebox with replacement keys then there will be a charge for coming out to the Horsebox of £25 per hour plus .40p per mile.   The Horsebox has Jump Start Leads for use in an emergency they must not be removed if they are on return you will be charged £25.



“The Hirer” agrees to pay Ark Horsebox Hire at the time of booking by Credit Card. 

“The Hirer” agrees and authorizes that Ark Horsebox Hire shall after the completion of the Rental Period make any such additional charges for Insurance Excess of £500 in the event of an accident, Excess Mileage, Late Return of the Vehicle, Cleaning Charge, Loss of Keys to be taken from the credit card used for the Hire Charge.   An invoice will be issued for the excess charges


  1. FUEL

The Horsebox will be collected with enough fuel to travel to a filling station.  “The Hirer” should return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel.

The Horsebox is DIESEL should “The Hirer” fill the vehicle with the wrong type of fuel he is liable for the total cost of flushing the system and other damage caused.   These costs will be charged to the credit card used at the time of booking


  1. LAW

This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.  


By signing this Agreement I confirm that I accept all the Terms and Conditions contained in this Agreement. I further agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Insurance, which I have seen, and read or have had the opportunity to see and read. I confirm that the information I have given on the Booking Form is true and correct.

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