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What you need to make a booking 

You will need the following - If you do not have these documents our insurance company Allianz  will not allow Ark Horsebox to hire to you.  Please do not send passports they are not accepted by our insurance company because they do not show an address.


A Valid Driving License

You must be over 25 with not more than 3 points and have held a full licence for over 24 months. You must have a plastic license we do not accept a paper license.


A DVLA Check

We must have a copy of your driving record, to do this click the DVLA link below and then send a record over to Ark


A Utility Bill

You must provide a utility bill that is not more than 90 days old with the same name and address as your licence. Utility Bills that are  accepted   - Council Tax, Electricity,Gas, Water, Landline Phone, Internet, Mobile Phone Bills are not accepted.

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A Second Proof of Address

We must have a second proof of address that is not more than 90 days old with the same name and address as your licence & first bill. eg. Bank / Credit statement,  Credit card bill, Letter from HMRC,  Mortgage Statemen

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A Debit or Credit Card

You must ensure that there are £500 of funds on the card in  the event that you damage the vehicle and have to pay this amount on return.

               If you have all of the above, you are able to make a booking with ARK HORSE BOX HIRE.

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